Monday, 2 December 2013

Where is Jozef Wesolowski?

Another day, another catholic priest is facing charges for child molestation.
Dominican Republic: Prosecutors Find Archbishop Sexually Abused Minors
Prosecutors in the Dominican Republic say that that the former apostolic nuncio to that country, Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski, is guilty of molesting at least five boys.
Wesolowski was relieved of his duties and recalled to Rome in August, after Church leaders in the Dominican Republic informed Pope Francis that they had uncovered evidence of sexual abuse by the papal representative. The Vatican turned over the evidence to the Dominican government, and has pledged to cooperate with prosecutors there and indeed, Dominican authorities report that the Vatican and church officials were fully cooperative in their investigation.
That's what they claim, but their actions are different.

A Vatican spokesman has said that the it is willing to hand over Wesolowski to civil authorities in the Dominican Republic if requested to do so. However, Wesolowski’s whereabouts have been unknown since the Vatican removed him as apostolic nuncio Aug. 21 after the allegations against him came to light.
Horsefeathers.  This is the same catholic church that allowed Bernard Law, John Geoghan and Paul Marcinkus to hide from prosecution for their crimes.  Don't be surprised if the vatican is once again protecting its own.

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