Monday, 30 December 2013

Adult annoyances: Doctors

Have you ever gone to a doctor's office and been told you need an injection?  Which side do they stand on?  Which arm do they reach for?  Without exception, they assume everyone is right handed and go for the patient's left arm.  Even left handed doctors end up doing it.

I've had times where I was told I needed a shot, then rolled up my right sleeve.

And then the idiot doctor says, "Roll up your sleeve," completely oblivious to the extended right arm.

I've had doctors give me the idiotic claim that, "It will work better in the left arm," or the arrogant and ignorant response, "Everyone should be right handed."

The problem isn't limited to their mental attitudes.  Quite often, desks, equipment, examination tables and others are designed for righthanded doctors to stand to the left side of the patient.

Where possible, I buck that trend and refuse to play along.  I move the stool I sit on or sit on the examination table so that the doctor must work with my right arm.  You would not believe the number who refuse to put the patient's comfort first.

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