Friday, 27 December 2013

Adult annoyances: Pens, part 1

Businesses and institutions like banks, government offices and the like will tie down their pens to prevent them from being stolen.  I don't object to that, it's as much a waste of time for them to replace the pens as it is the cost of replacing them.

What I don't like is the assumption that everyone is right handed.  Have you ever seen a pen on a cord that was tied on the left side of a counter?

More than a few times, I've had this or similar conversations:

Clerk: Please fill out this form.
Me: I need a pen, please. (My left hand is extended.)
Clerk: There's one there. (Pointing to the pen.)
Me: I need a pen.  (Insistence in my voice.)
Clerk: Use that one! (With insistent voice.)
(I proceed to more or remove the pen, by breaking or removing the cord.)
Clerk: HEY! HEY! Stop that!
Me: I need a pen.

It's only then that they clue into the fact that the pen is on the wrong side and hand one to me.

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