Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The hardest part of raising awareness is...

The hardest part of raising awareness about right hand privilege is not getting people's attention.

The hardest part of raising awareness is not sounding like a crank.  It would be easy to mistake this as a claim of "my pain is greater than yours," which others disingenuously try to do.

The issue here is not left handed adults.  We can take care of ourselves.

The issue is left handed children, people who can't take care of nor defend themselves.

This is about people who have no ability or social power to speak out, no ability or social power to challenge those older than themselves.  This is about people growing up in isolation, made to feel inferior and not treated equally because of something natural.

It does not surprise me that many who see "corporal punishment" (read: physical abuse and assault on children) as "acceptable" are also the people who "think" it's okay to force children to change hands.  Ignorance and prejudice and fear walk hand in hand.

What really surprises me is those who are aware of their privilege in many milieu (gender, wealth, skin colour, sexuality) and try to treat others equally can be completely oblivious to the privilege that right handed people have.

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