Sunday, 17 November 2013

Why I don't watch football, part 6: Thuggish behaviour by players and coaches

Jameis Winston, quarterback for the Florida State Seminoles professional football team (let's not pretend otherwise) is under suspicion for sexual assault allegedly committed a year ago.  It does not surprise to hear about such things when so much money is on the line (e.g. merchandise, TV rights, bowl games, et al).  Given that FSU is contending for the fictional "national championship", you can be certain that every effort will be made to keep Winston out of jail until after the championship game or bowl game which FSU goes to.  He should enjoy his freedom while it lasts.

In other news, Rutgers assistant coach Dave Cohen (any relation to Richard Cohen?) has been fired for his verbal abuse and threats of violence against Jevon Tyree, a player on the team.  The midseason firing is no doubt related to the team's poor record, their porous defence, and lack of any chance at attending a bowl game.  If they were contenders, you can be sure he would see out the season.

Criminality is expected in Division I-A and Division I-AA of college football, where there is big money and scholarships for players.  But the most disgusting recent event came in Division II football.

Rudy Johnson, quarterback for Winston-Salem State University, was violently assaulted by five members of Virginia State University's team while in a washroom.  The assault occurred at a luncheon where both teams were present.  Due to Johnson's injuries (including damage to his eye), the CIAA championship game that was to be played has been cancelled.  Johnson identified VSU player Lamont Britt as one of those who assaulted him, and Britt has been arresed.

That was in Division II, where few players have any chances at a professional football career, and thuggery can be found there.  Contrast that with Division I-A, and you begin to understand how much violence is inherent in the game, how much it is encouraged and rewarded.

And that is without a single mention of Jonathan Martin.

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