Monday, 18 November 2013

"Go bags" are a good idea

I like to have a "go bag" ready at all times.   Yes, it's mainly in case of an emergency, but it's nice not having to pack if a friend says, "Hey, let's go to __________ tomorrow!"  I can grab and go at a moment's notice.
(Take note: Being prepared and being a "prepper" are not the same thing.  The former hopes a disaster will end.  The latter hopes it never does.)

If you live somewhere that a disaster could happen (i.e. you live on the Earth), it's a good idea to be prepared, even if it's just the basics.  I don't want six months of food and water in my apartment, but I do have six days' worth at all times.

I live in Taiwan which is a country prone to major earthquakes and typhoons.  On top of that, its energy is provided by nuclear reactors, so a tsunami and/or Fukushima-type disaster is possible.  Or worst of all, the murderous mainland Chinese dictatorship decides to invade.

My "go bag" is a backpack.  I keep it in a cabinet near my front door, closed and ready at all times.  It contains the most important things I need (in order of importance) if I have to bug out immediately:

  1. passport and birth certificate (plus photocopies), flash device with personal data 
  2. traveller's cheques and cash
  3. notepad, pen and phrasebook (word book, and a point-to picture book)
  4. pair of tailored shorts, long sleeved pullover shirt, plastic raincoat
  5. a cap, three pairs each of socks and underwear
  6. basic first aid kit
  7. a pair of glasses in a small case
  8. water purification tablets and screw-top metal bottle
  9. Victorinox knife ("Pioneer Range, Alox, Farmer")
  10. fire starter 
  11. a few ziploc bags (for food, garbage, laundry, etc.)
  12. two energy bars
  13. MP3 player and a puzzle book for entertainment
It's not the be-all-and-end-all list, but it's a start if you want an idea of what to pack.

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