Monday, 18 November 2013

Genetics and left handedness may finally have a proven link

A study from the UK and the Netherlands may finally end bigotry toward and the abuse of children who are left handed.  Scientists have identified a genes which makes handedness in inborn trait, and not something to be "changed" through mental and physical abuse.

I speak from experience, though I have staunchly remained a lefty throughout my life.  I help and encourage my left handed students because they do not receive training in good penmanship.  Most have poor writing both because public school teachers "discourage" them and don't know how to teach them to write.

 Now that it may be proven to be genetic, you can be sure someone will start looking for a "cure".

Genes linked to being right or left handed identified
A genetic study has identified a biological process that influences whether we are right handed or left handed.
Scientists at the Universities of Oxford, St Andrews, Bristol and the Max Plank Institute in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, found correlations between handedness and a network of genes involved in establishing left-right asymmetry in developing embryos. 
'The genes are involved in the biological process through which an early embryo moves on from being a round ball of cells and becomes a growing organism with an established left and right side,' explained first author William Brandler, a PhD student in the MRC Functional Genomics Unit at Oxford University. 
The researchers suggest that the genes may also help establish left-right differences in the brain, which in turn influences handedness.
They report their findings in the open-access journal PLOS Genetics.

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