Thursday, 8 August 2013

Feminist Frequency and Tropes vs Women: 3 for 3

The third part of Anita Sarkeesian's "Tropes vs Women" series was released, and like the first two parts, it's brilliant and insightful.  It is also appalling because of the sheer number of examples of sexism.

Equally appalling is that Ms. Sarkeesian needs to block ratings and comments on her videos.  It's not because she is afraid of feedback or disagreement.  On the contrary, unlike certain feminists (not named here), Ms. Sarkeesian is willing to listen to and answer those who disagree with her, and she does not arrogantly assume she has all the answers.

But just because she is willing to listen to reasonable disagreement, it does not means she will be met with reasonable disagreement.

As with nearly all of her videos, she has been the target of harassment, abuse, insults, threats and other atrocious behaviours from the pro-rape, woman hating "men's rights advocates", by thuggish idiots who can not abide anyone disagreeing with them.

One of the biggest lies told about Ms. Sarkeesian and the money she raised through Kickstarter, one of the stupidest accusations, was that she "hasn't accounted for how she spent the money".

Really?  That is strange.  I have seen three well produced and well researched videos by her on sexism in video games.

Equally strange, the idiots accusing her of misusing the donations did not donate any money to the project.  If it is not their money, why are they complaining?

The people who actually did donate have not complained at all.  On the contrary, they have been complimentary and supportive of Ms. Sarkeesian and her videos.

The pro-rape morons aren't worried about malfeasance by Ms. Sarkeesian.  They want to harass and silence her, nothing else.

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