Thursday, 1 August 2013

Where to start...?


It's called On Hand Comments because they're not offhand comments.


1. With little or no preparation or forethought
2. Casually thoughtless or inconsiderate

1. In a casually inconsiderate manner
2. Without previous thought or preparation

And it's called On Hand because the good hand (left hand) is onhand. The wrong hand (right hand) is offhand.


The blog starts now, but many of the ideas have been with me for years, sometimes decades since I was a kid.

Some people blog weekly, some blog daily, and some have no life, blogging six or seven times. You have to wonder where they find the time to live and have enough to write about.

I intend to blog whenever I have something to say. That might mean several in a day or none for a week. I just started, so I can't predict what it will be.


Me, a voice in the crowd. Just because others are speaking doesn't mean I'm not allowed to.


Because the topics interest me, and because other writers and bloggers aren't saying what I'm thinking. If other people were, I wouldn't have to.


Earth. Where I live is nunuvyerbizniz.

A final note:

If you don't like what I say, write your own blog. Nobody's forcing you to agree with me (I certainly can't), and you're not being forced to read it. You did that on your own. When you go on the internet, you should expect to find people who disagree with you. If you can't handle online conflict, I have to wonder how you can ever manage to get along in real life.

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