Friday, 20 September 2013

The War On Cyclists and Pedestrians: Five children run over, no charges for the driver
Running Down Five Children on a Sidewalk Is Legal in New York City
DNAinfo is reporting that the driver who jumped a curb and hit five kids in Maspeth this morning, an incident captured on video, probably will not be charged.
A surveillance tape shows a group of kids on a Grand Avenue sidewalk when the driver of a Honda SUV runs one of them over, missing the others by inches. Witnesses lifted the SUV off at least one of the victims. One girl reportedly suffered a broken leg and another a broken hip. One boy has a leg injury and another was treated for a swollen arm. The victims were age 12 to 14. From DNAinfo:
Sources said that the 40-year-old driver was going shopping and was trying to pull into a space when he accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake.
He remained on the scene and was not expected to be charged, sources said.

No charges?  If he had been a construction worker who "accidentally" caused parts to fall from a crane onto a street and injured people, would the law hold the construction worker responsible?  Most certainly.  So why do car drivers get a pass when they assault and murder pedestrians and cyclists?  Why do people (other than drunk drivers) become exempt from legal responsibility for being inside a fast moving and heavy vehicle?

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