Sunday, 8 September 2013

Religious dishonesty: Tim Tebow was a "victim of discrimination"

The only discrimination going on in the New England Patriots' camp is the discrimination between talented and untalented players.
Christians claim persecution after Patriots cut Tim Tebow
September 1, 2013  
Christians are claiming persecution after Christian darling Tim Tebow was cut from the New England Patriots. The Patriots released Tebow on Saturday, a move that leaves the polarizing and proselytizing quarterback's NFL future in doubt.
Many Christians are unhappy with the decision, claiming Tebow is the victim of persecution because of his outspoken and public profession of his Christian faith. Tebow, raised by controversial evangelical missionary parents, is famous for praying on the football field. His pretentious public displays of piety have thrilled his Christian fans, while making many others slightly ill.

There is no "anti-christian bias", especially when the teams' owner is vocally christian, as are the bulk of the players and many of the team's management and coaching staff.  The same stupid accusations were made in the Roy Moore / "ten commandments" case (where Moore was removed from office for breaking the law).

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