Sunday, 9 August 2015

Going on the half hour is going off half-cocked

Another day, another descent into self-destruction.  In a country with rampant slavery in mass prisons, rampant cannibalism due to starvation and a lost generation of children so malnourished that teenagers are the size of eight year olds, it's no surprise that the murderous North Korean regime has deemed a change in time zones to be a top priority.

"Juche" allegedly means "self-reliance"?  That from a country which can't even feed itself without food donated by the United Nations?  It's nothing more than a sad piece of propaganda, from a country that is already drowned in propaganda and brainwashing.

Even if politics weren't an issue, the practicality of this decision makes no sense.  Pyongyang is one hundred kilometres west of Seoul, as is the majority of North Korean land and the population.  South Korea is on GMT+8, an hour different than Japan.  If North Korea were really trying to differentiate itself, they would be going to GMT+7.5, not GMT+8.5.

It's only a matter of time before that government finally collapses.  The sooner the better for everyone's sake.

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