Friday, 11 October 2013

Hey, Japan: There's a reason that Germany has gotten past Nazism.

There's a reason that Germany has gotten past its dark era of Nazism.  The country came clean and purged itself, prosecuting criminals and making reparations.  It's easier to be forgiven when you're willing to admit fault and mistakes.

That's why Japan has never been truly forgiven for its past, the history of Japan's imperialism in the first half of the 20th century.  Japan has refused to come clean, refused to admit its mistakes.  Since World War II, Japan has had repeated incidents of historical revisionism in school textbooks, denials of atrocities (re: the Rape of Nanking), and worst of all, the organized and planned mass rape of women from across Asia, the misnomer of "comfort women".
Tokyo archive unveils evidence of WWII sex slavery
A Tokyo national archive has disclosed a new batch of official documents that could be evidence that Japanese troops mobilized foreign women to provide sex during World War II, according to a news report. 
The records describe how the Japanese military hauled off about 35 Dutch women from an Indonesian concentration camp for forcible sex services, Kyodo News reported late Sunday.
The some 530 pages of documents were known to have been among the proof that prompted a 1993 statement by then Chief Cabinet Secretary Yohei Kono, in which Tokyo acknowledged and apologized for its military’s involvement in the sex slavery. But their details were previously withheld from the public, the agency said. 
The release is expected to stir further controversy given Tokyo’s persistent denial of its wartime atrocities.
Clearly, McArthur didn't go far enough in forcing Japan to change after the war.

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